Kudos to Bobby Wadsworth

Dallas attorney Darren L. Schraeder is a lucky man. He is lucky because Bobby Wadsworth is his paralegal. And Bobby Wadsworth is one careful guy. He noticed something odd about our Texas child support calculator and found a small rounding error that had gone undetected thus far.

Child support in Texas is based upon the obligor's annual resources. From that amount is subtracted federal income, social security and medicaid taxes for one person claiming one exemption and the standard deduction. So what we do is gross up the obligor's pay to the annual amount before beginning our calculations. Then we break the annual amount down into monthly, twice per month, every other week and weekly payment amounts.

Simple, right? Monthly child support is the annual amount divided by 12, twice per month is the annual amount divided by 24, every two weeks is the annual amount divided by 26, and weekly child support is the annual amount divided by 52. But Bobby noticed that when he multiplied the every two weeks and weekly results on our calculator, by 26 and 52 respectively, the amount was slightly off.

So Darren Schraeder emailed me about the discrepancy and I dug into the code. Sure enough, what we had done was estimate 2.17 two-week periods per month rather than gross the monthly amount up to the annual amount then divide by 26. We calculated 4.33 weekly periods per month for the weekly calculation.

We've revised the code - the revised app will be available on iTunes in a few days. If you already bought the 2013 version of the Texas child support calculator, the fix is a free download that iTunes will tell you to get. In the meantime, your weekly and twice-per-week calculations will be very slightly off. Thanks again to Bobby for helping us to make a better product.

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